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CRM is stands for customer relationship management. CRM entails all aspects of interaction that a company or organisation has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related.

CRM systems are used in the same way to manage business contacts, clients, exisiting contracts, sales and new leads IT solutions provide you with the customer business data to help you provide both services and products that your customers realy want, provide better customer service, cross-sell and up sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and understand who the customer is.

Thou technology plays a huge role on many aspects of a CRM, strategies and processes of a good CRM system will collect, manage and link information about the customer with the goal of letting you market and sell services effectively.

  1. It can help understand your customers better
  2. Retain customers through better customer experience
  3. Attract new customer
  4. Identify new clients and their business needs effectively
  5. Decrease customer management costs
MY MBA CRM (Ipad Apps):

My MBA Customer Relations for iOS Applications. My MBA customer relationship app is another key publication in a series of professional and educational reference tools. The app is designed as a companion tool for the professionals that need to have a comprehensive reference on the essential business knowledge area or pursuing their MBA or professionals who are in management or leadership positions in relation to Customer Relationship or CRM industry.

This App provided the core concept of the organizational ethics knowledgebase, its application in real life along with explanation for terminologies and concepts within the project management knowledge area.

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