The following are few tips that can help you in preparation and during your interview.

  • Know the background of the company interviewing you.
  • Know all your weaknesses and strengths clearly.
  • Prepare all your references prior to the job interview.
  • Becarefule of your body language, it speaks a lot more that your CV document.
  • Avoid discussing compensation on the first interview since is an issue that the company and your recruitment agency must discuss.
  • Relax and be calm during the interview process.
CV Document Template.

CV Document
CV stands for Curriculum Vitae and provides an overview of a person's educational and work experience as well as other qualifications.
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Skills Matrix Template.

Skills Matrix
Skills Matrix is a document that defines and measures the skills and training that one has vs. the skills and training he/she needs.
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Improving Career Opportunities.

How to Improve your Career Opportunities?
» Complete your Work Experience
» Complete Education / Qualifications
» Update Skills
» Upload Your CV
» Update Your Profile

Z83 Froms Template.

Z83 Form
Z83 Form is a document that assists a government department in selecting a candidate for an advertised post during recruitment process.
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